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Avocados have unique creamy texture, mild flavor and several guaranteed health benefits. The avocados are scientifically called Persea Americana. They belong to the same family having cinnamon and laurel. If you are considering growing an avocado plant, they come in variety of sizes, color and texture.

When harvested properly, the avocado flesh softens to produce a buttery texture. Avocado is a popular fruits that is used in toasts, pastas, tacos, salsas and many more.

Avocado Tree Care

Here are the steps to grow an avocado tree care from avocado seeds.

Remove and Clean Avocado Seeds

Remove the seeds carefully from the avocados. Soak the seed in water for a few minutes and then scrub off the fruit left on the skin.

Locate Which End of The Seed Is Up and Which End is Down

The 2nd step is to determine which end is up and which is down. All avocado seeds have a bottom from where the roots grow and a top from where a sprout will grow. The slight pointer end is the top while a flat end is the bottom. In order to get the seed to sprout you have to place the bottom root in the water end, so it is necessary to figure out which end is up and which is down.

Pierce the Seed with Four Toothpicks

Take four toothpicks and stick them downward angle into the avocado seed. Space evenly around the circumference of the avocado. The toothpicks work as a scaffolding for the seeds that allow the bottom part of the seed sink in the water.

Put the Seeds in Water Half Submerged

Place the avocado seed half submerged in a glass of water and set on place where the sunlight can reach it. Change the water every fifth day. Keep checking if there is any mold, bacteria or fungal growth in the water, as they can ruin the avocado sprout.

Wait for the Avocado Seed to Sprout

It takes about eight weeks for an avocado to sprout. When the avocado has completely sprouted, you will notice the following changes. The top of avocado seed will dry out and the outer brown seed skin will slough off. A crack will be seen that will extend to the way bottom of the avocado pit. A tiny taproot will be seen emerging from the sprout. The taproot will grow longer and longer and may be get branch. Eventually, you can see a small sprout be emerged from the seed. Do not keep the taproot un-submerged, doing this so can kill the avocado plant.

Transfer the Plant to Soil

Once the stem is 6-7 inches, cut it to 3 inches. Once the stem again reaches 6-7 inches, pot the plant up in rich soil and leave top of the seed exposed. Cutting the stem once promotes the plant growth. Place the spot in a sunny place as avocados grows fast in sun.

Water the Plant

Keep the soil always moist, but not saturated. If yellow leaves start appearing, it means you have overly watered the plant. Immediately stop it!

Avocado Tree Care Pinching and Pesticides

When the seeds reach 12 inches, pinch the top two sets of the leaves. Each time the plant grows 6 inches, cut two sets of leaves. It stimulates the plant growth. Spray the plant with pesticides to keep the unwanted bugs away.

Transfer the Pot

Once the plant outgrows the pot, transfer the plant into your garden.

How long does it takes for my avocado trees to produce fruits?

It depends upon plant to plant. Some grows fruits in about four years while others take fifteen years to bore fruits. Some never grow fruits!


The process to grow an avocado tree from a seed requires your patience and care. You have to take extra care and precautions while planting the seeds. Taking care of the avocado trees can turn into many health benefits like avocado for hair and skin etc. For avocado tree care, water the plants but do not overhydrate it, keep pinching the stems and make pesticides your best buddy. We hope that one day your avocado tree bears fruits!

Avocados have unique creamy texture, mild flavor and several guaranteed health benefits.

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